The Beautiful Curse

Luca, a budding track star, knows he can never fall in love. If he does, he might activate the family curse that’s already turned his brother into a supernatural freak, leaving him a shell of the person he used to be. Unfortunately for Luca, that means going to unnatural extremes to avoid the opposite sex. Or at least any he might fall for. 

Scarlet isn’t impressed with the handsome boy who nearly turned her and her car into a pancake when he rolled his truck just feet from her. And he made an even worse impression after she came to his rescue. She’s familiar with jerks like that. In fact, she’s switching schools to get away from one just like him. 

But that chance encounter on a lone back road becomes something neither of them can run away from when they end up in the same high school their senior year. If there was ever a girl to make Luca hit the panic button, it’s Scarlet. 

But can he really stop himself from falling for her? 

And is there a chance it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he didn’t?    

The Beautiful Gift

The Beautiful Awakening