The Beautiful Curse



In nature, the black widow spider kills her mate. Thanks to an obscure family curse, Luca can relate. Three years ago, his brother fell in love. It activated the curse and ignited a chain of events that cost the girl her life. Desperate to take a different path, Luca focuses on dominating in track and ignoring the opposite sex. Or that was the plan until he rolled his truck. Until he met Scarlet.

Scarlet has spent her life trying not to die from the same heart condition that killed her mother. She has a defibrillator in her chest and must vigilantly keep her heart rate low. Ultimately, it means life on the sidelines—something that’s increasingly difficult to swallow. But after risking her life to save a boy who rolled his truck, she can’t help asking: what else can her heart handle? 

When Scarlet shows up as the new girl at school, Luca acts like a jerk, doing his best to push her away. Only this is far from what he wants, especially after she nearly drops dead on the gym floor. Luca needs to get control of his heart or Scarlet's goal of "trying not to die" could become much more difficult. The only problem: is love ever a choice?